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i feel like i need to talk to someone..oder at least just talk. get rid of my thoughts.because i feel like i can't really talk to anyone.. well there's one person. but she's kinda changed and i don't recognize her sometimes..so i don't feel like i can't talk to her anymore. whatever, so i decided i'm gonna talk to you..anyone who will read this.

23.11.07 20:25

i'm really not well.. i'm not happy nor am i unhappy..i just don't know what to do with myself... i'm so bored and i always end up doing nothing at all with my day. uni sucks right now... i'm gonna have to change my subject oder transfer or something.. but i don't know what, where, when. at least i think i'm gonna get a job at a good place.. maybe that's gonna work out alright..we'll see
28.11.07 21:36


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